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Updated on 31/07/2019

Aalborg - Denmark

Welcome to our website

We look forward to seeing you at Aalborg naturist campsite

The naturist club North Jutland is an active club which has cooperation

with Aalborg camping and Chalet Island which owns and operates

Aalborg naturist - camping site. Aalborg camp is divided  into two parts,

one for nudists with 105 units, which is  open from 1st April to 31th

Oct, and one for other campers, which is open all year. In both areas

there is a modern service building and it is always free to use the

facilities. The campsite is not divided in units so feel free find a place

and  plug your wire into the nearest electric socket. The campsite is

beautifully situated to the Limfjord and a lovely marina where it is

possible to put the boat in the water from a trailer ramp. There are

approx  3 km into the center of Aalborg and there are a busconnection

to the center approx 400 m from the camp site.


All are very welcome to stay overnight at the naturist Campsite

and participate in the events that might incurred.

Single must presenta valid INF membership card with a stamp of

a Federation according Aalborg Camping's rules. In other words:

Naturist camp is like an ordinary camp site but of course we

expect naturism/nudity in the square when the weather permits it.

Indecent behavior will result in exclusion


The naturist part are divided with a fence so the textile campers not

bothering us with their clothes, and the vegetation on the camp site

means that there is very good shelters and access from the road is

not possible. The camp site has good facilities for all who wants a

holiday in quiet surroundings. In the middle of the square there is

a communal house with a fridge and a freezer, a sauna, a wilderness

bath/hot tub and bonfire. And a short distance to the electricity and

water. There are free access to Aalborg hostels  facilities, there are 2

computers with broadband connection, and WI-FI is available for those

with a laptop.  The facilities are next  to  the reception.

This Service is of course free.


Toilet and Washing Facilites

Kitchen facilities

Price on Aalborg naturist campsite 2019

Open from April 1st to October 31

Accomodation fee

Single persons have access only with INF passport with a

stamp Federation according to Aalborg Camping's rules.

Reservation of space is not needed because of the square's sizes.

There are no cabins on the naturist section.

Dogs are free and must be kept on a leash.

Their droppings must be picked up.

                         01/04 - 30/06    01/07 - 14/09    15/09 - 31/10

  Adults:                     56 kr.                64 kr.                58 kr.   


  Children 0–11 year:   28 kr.                32 kr.                29 kr.   


  Unit area:                 50 kr.                50 kr.                50 kr.   


  Electricity 10 Amp:    37 kr.                37 kr.                37 kr.   


See the price list for cabins and hostel:

Cards accepted




Vice Chairman: 






Board member: 

Map of the site

Find us on


Aalborg naturist campingplads          Link: Google Maps

Skydebanevej 50. 9000 Aalborg. DK    

GPS coordinator: N 57° 3’14.02” E 9° 52’19.62”

Telephone number: + 45 98116044. Fax: + 45 98124711



Enrolment in the reception/kiosk at the hostel.


Opening hours.

Monday  -  Thursday: 10:00 am. to 5:30 pm.

Friday:    10:00 am. to 6:00 pm.

Saturday:  8:00 am. to 4:00 pm.

Sunday:    8:00 am. to 2:00 pm.


Be aware. There are two camping sites on Skydebanevej.

Look after the signs to Aalborg hostel and Fjordparken.


The kiosk has a wide range of beverages candy, chocolate,

ice-cream and potato chips. You can buy the most common

supplies such as canned food a loaf of bread, milk and

hygiene items and so on.

Also stamps and postcards can be purchased at the kiosk.

Letters can be delivered to the mailbox outside the main building.


              Events in 2019

 Easter lunch:         Saturday, April 20. 1:00 pm.   

There can order a Pentecost menu, consisting of fried eel  with potatoes and parsley sauce + ice cream for dessert.

 Midsummer party:  Sunday,  june 23.  6:30 pm.   

 Pentecost party:     Saturday,  June 8.   6:30 pm.   

 Harvest party:        Saturday,  Sept 7.  6:30 pm.   

Price 125 DKK per person. Registration must be

done no later than Wednesday July 31 to

Pia Drejer, tel. +45 22271070 or e-mail

 Roe deer party:     Saturday, august 3. 6:30 pm.   

Bring your own food and drinks.

The grill is turned on.


When Naturist club North Jutland organizes parties,    takes it with clothes on, if anyone should be in doubt.  Show up with a good mood and in festive attire, so we can Cosiness, dances and amuse ourselves until once again must be quiet at campground. All in all, it is like any other campground.

Naturist beach


In principle, it is allowed to swim naked from the

almost the 7.000 km long coastline in Denmark.

It is always a good rule not to seem provocative

to others who don’t want to swim without clothes.

Nude bathing is therefore always in an area away

from dressed bathers


The North Sea is only about 35 km. from Aalborg.

Drive to the beach by Rødhus and turn left, after

approx. 3 km. begins an unofficial naturist beach.

Be careful the sand can be very loose.


Link: Google Maps


Aalborg naturist camping

Skydebanevej 50 - 9000 Aalborg

Tlf. +45 98116044 -  e-mail >> 

Webmaster -  e-mail >> 

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